Make a Reel Difference

The CATHEAD is designed and manufactured in Alberta by an experienced oilfield worker who recognized a need to develop a tagline spool for the self-retracting lifelines on the jobsite. The reel gives workers retrieval and storage options for taglines that are attached to their self-retracting lifeline. The CATHEAD is an innovative, simple and easy to use tool that will improve overall safety and promote housekeeping by decreasing tripping hazards associated with the tagline on the worksite floor.

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Solid Construction.

All CATHEAD parts are built and designed specifically for the oilfield industry to function in any workplace condition and environment. The CATHEAD is manufactured with a polycarbonate spool, handles, brake and shaft for extreme durability in any climate. CATHEAD has an aluminum spool housing attached to a superior neodymium magnet base for quick and easy placement on the jobsite.

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Injection Molding
Spool, handles, threaded brake and shaft are manufactured with injection molded polycarbonate, for extreme durability.

Threaded Brake
Unique design combined with the threaded shaft provide an effective hand actuated brake.

Spool accommodates up to 44m of 6mm rope.
*Rope not included

Removable Handles
Fully adjustable handles for running parallel or 180 degrees opposed.*
*As pictured

Magnetic Base
Superior neodymium magnet base for solid hold and slotted for easier removal.

Aluminum Spool Housing
Aluminum spool housing makes overall CATHEAD lightweight and durable.

Unmatched Benefits.

Safety on the jobsite is the most important part of management and production. The CATHEAD provides a small but important part of workplace safety. The CATHEAD is built with a durable design and easy-to-use components and is a great addition to safety on any jobsite and will help you Make a Reel Difference.

  1. Increases safety by reducing tripping hazards
  2. Alberta made, with oilfield durability in mind
  3. Easy to use, low maintenance
  4. Organizes and tidies up the workplace environment
  5. Reduces probability of activating the impact indicator while retrieving the SRL saving hundreds of dollars in recertification


"The CATHEAD system has improved rig floor safety and housekeeping by eliminating the S.R.L pull down rope from laying on the rig floor where it gets stepped on and dirty, and creates a trip hazard for personnel. With the CATHEAD, it is spooled up nice, neat and clean during trips and servicing the top drive. It has improved safety and aesthetics around the rig."

Chance Berezay
Rig Manager, Jomax Drilling Rig 1